The Beach Boys to Frederikshavn in November

When winter come Arena Nord in Frederikshavn open its doors for 3000 guests  for a Beach Party , where the legendary surfer boys , The Beach Boys , takes the audience to the Californian seaside promenades with palm trees, beach chairs and colored umbrella drinks . 

The organizers of the Arena Nord goes all in on the beach party that turns the season on its head. Before the concert , you can participate in this year’s most unconventional Christmas Parties Christmas on the Beach or Cool Hawaii. And when they gradually aging beach boys have given the last number the party continues for a true beach party .

In addition to founding Beach Boy Mike Love (lead vocals) and Beach Boy-vet Bruce Johnston (vocals/keyboards)–Christian Love (guitar/vocals), Randell Kirsch (bass/vocals), Tim Bonhomme (keyboards/vocals), John Cowsill of The Cowsills (percussion /vocals) and Scott Totten (guitar/vocals) round out the band.


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