Michael Bolton visits Denmark
Anastacia to Trestokk, Norway
Michael Ruff Band touring 2017
Thank you Sweden !!!
Steven Seagal touring 2017
Dates available for 2017
Real music - for real music lovers.......


In 2011, Night of the Proms was successfully introduced to the Danish music lovers. In 2012, Night of The Proms was introduced in Sweden

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We work with the best venues and if they are not on location - we build them.

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Niels Estrup (owner)


“We take on a lot of different roles from small corporate function, themed party, product rollout or a high-profile gala, We provide the services to ensure your event is an outstanding success ”

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Niels Estrup (owner)


“Niels is a model representative of not only his business, but his country. His candor and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty, every time, sets him apart from all others ...”

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Steven Seagal Blues Band 2015

Steven Seagal will tour Europe in 2015 with his blues band and is now accepting offers.

The tour 2014 was well acclaimed and with good reviews.

The Guardian wrote: “The movie star’s air of unhurried detachment translates into his delta blues-playing persona to surprisingly powerful effect” Read the full reveiw here

Steven has been an accomplished musician for many years now, in fact you might be surprised to discover that Steven has actually been a musician a lot longer that an actor, he actually got his first guitar at the age of 12 and has been playing the blues ever since.

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Julio Iglesias World Tour ’15

Julio Iglesias has sold 350 million copies of his 79 albums released worldwide, including original versions in various languages, compilations, and live albums, which makes him the Spanish-speaking artist who has sold the most albums in history.

As the 1983 Guinness Book of Records recognized, on awarding him the only Diamond Disc ever given by this institution, Julio is the artist who has sung and recorded in the most languages in the history of music: 20 in total. The most recent were in 2006, on the album “Romantic Classics”, in Mandarin Chinese, Philippine Tagalog, and Bahasa Indonesian.

9. July 2015 –  Dalhalla, Rättvik, Sweden. – tickets

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SuperBrugsen – 100 years

We are producers of the 100 years anninversary for SuperBrugsen Hvalsoe.
We start off with a nice dinner, entertained by multitalent Mick Øgendahl. After dinner our 12 pcs ALL STAR BAND will present names like Medina and Østkyst Hustlers beside playing a ton of cool party hits.


Medina has been the most successful and popular recording artist in Denmark ever since she had her breakthrough with the smash hit single “Kun for mig” in the beginning of 2009. During the last three years she has not only nationally sold more than 500.000 copies of her ten biggest singles and more than 130.000 copies of her two Danish albums “Velkommen til Medina” and the latest “For Altid” –In this period up until now Medina also released 19 music videos which approximately has more than 50 millions views on Youtube. Her first international album “Welcome to Medina” has just reached Gold status in Germany with more than 100.000 albums sold. Her second international album “Forever” is already out in large parts of Europe and during September this year US and other parts of the world will follow and release the album.

The singer has had a huge amount of success with her international single “You & I”. The single was released in the U.K. and ranked as A-list at BBC Radio 1 and entered the American Billboard Chart’s “Hot Dance Airplay” at #6 as well. She’s also taken home a great number of awards for her musical accomplishments, including several Danish Music Awards, Danish DeeJay Awards and three MTV Awards for “Best Danish act”.

Medina has been the face of Reebok for the last two years and she is also the new of face of the first ever Danish local campaign for Schweppes.

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Mothers Finest touring 2015

When you melt R&B, rock, funk and heavy metal you get a sound that is dangerous… provocative… passionate… you get Mother’s finest, a band known for its cutting edge music and live performance.

Formed in 1970, they began with vocalist Joyce “Baby Jean” Kennedy and Glenn Murdock (guitar,vocals) ,guitarist James Gary”Mo” Moore, bassist Jerry “Wyzard” Seay, adding keyboardist Michael Keck and drummer Barry “B.B.Queen” Borden and settled in Atlanta Later added were John Hayes on guitar and Dion Derek on drums.

After being “discovered” by Tom Werman at CBS, the band signed with the label in 1976 and recorded 5 albums.The band gained cult following in Europe. In 1983, after the release of” Iron Age” probably their hardest and most enduring record, the band desintegrated. Kennedy subsequently released 2 soul albums for A&M Records. Wizzard linked up with Rick Medlocke’s Blackfoot.

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Electric Guitars in concert

When Danish rock n’ roll band Electric Guitars released their debutalbum last year, it caused quite a stir in their homeland – to such an extent that it even made the news on national television.  The two guitar virtuosos behind Electric Guitars, Soren Andersen and Mika Vandborg, had succeeded in bringing ten of the best Danish guitarists of all time on one track, called ’Hero of Mine’.  A homage to the electric guitar and some of the Danish legends who have played it. On the 10 minute long track you can listen to solos by Tim Christensen of Dizz Mizz Lizzy for instance, Jacob Binzer of D-A-D, Billy Cross who played with Bob Dylan in the late 70s and not least Franz Beckerlee of the legendary 70s Danish rockband Gasolin’ – as well as, naturally, Andersen and Vandborg themselves.

The track is an historic event, masterminded by two of the hottest Danish guitarists, who started performing together as Electric Guitars in 2012. Their shows were such a success that the next logical step was to work on a record. The result of which included ’Hero of Mine’, took Denmark by storm, and is now seeing it’s release in the rest of Europe, followed by a tour in Germany.

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