Night of The Proms



In 2011, Night of the Proms was successfully introduced to the Danish music lovers. In 2012, Night of The Proms was introduced in Sweden

“I first heard of Night of the Proms when the Danish act Safri Duo appeared in the show. Since then I have had artists appearing and the bonds between Night of the Proms and Owit Music Europe grew stronger”, explains Niels Estrup. “I like the concept very much. It is really great, and also the reason why after more than 25 years so many music lovers are attending the show.  Night of the Proms creeps in under your skin, and makes you ‘think’ Night of the Proms from the moment you wake up till you fall asleep. Besides that, the production is just amazing. Organizer Jan Vereecke knows what it takes and has proven that”.

Night of the Proms awaits a bright future in Scandinavia. “The ticket sales were very good, so the first impression must have been good. I have no doubt that this concept will do fantastic in Scandinavia when it settles in here. Having said that, this is also the challenge for Night of the Proms when entering new areas. As the show is so impressive in any way that is hard to explain to people who have still not seen the show. Once people see the show, I have no doubt that we will have a very high rate of re-sale. Therefore we are already planning dates in Scandinavia in  2014 and 2015.”



“We are all very excited to go. We believe it could indeed be the start of expansion towards the whole of Scandinavia”, Jan Vereecke, founder of NOTP says and continues “Niels has been on our tour in 2008, and has not stopped working on his dream to bring our show to Scandinavia. His motivation is the key element that will make this show and the resulting shows a success. Niels knows that Night of the Proms will be love at first sight – and hearing too! – so music lovers will come back year after year to enjoy the show. We are pleased that we can present some of our best friends on stage. By doing so, we guarantee the Scandinavian audiences a great and unforgettable evening.”

Dirk, Niels and Jan





Dirk Hohmeyer (NOTP Germany), Niels Estrup (NOTP Scandinavia) and Jan Vereecke (Founder of NOTP)




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