We are proud to be one of the pioneers in building the new creative quaters in Roskilde. As the first registred company settling in this dynamic and constantly changing enviroment we feel that going to work is like going to the play ground.


The municipality of Roskilde wants to create a quarter in Roskilde, that can strengthen the city´s future possibilities in the economy of experience.
The area will be an engine in developing Roskilde to a city with culture, cultural business, events and homes. When Musicon is fully developed in about 10-15 years, it will be a quarter with an interesting and challenging atmosphere. There will be around 500 homes and 2,000 workplaces in the cultural business.

The Magnet of Rock to be built on Musicon
The Dutch “rock-star” architects from MVRDV in collaboration with Danish architects COBE Architects won the competition to draw the new project for Denmark’s Rock Museum, Roskilde Festival School and The Roskilde Group. With The Rock Magnet Roskilde gets the new district a project of international class, and I am delighted that the building captures Musicon vision to use diversity to create room for experimentation, says the Joy Mogensen (Mayor)

 The area is a former concrete factory spanning an area of 250.000 m2 – equal to 40 football fields.

In 10 to 15 years Musicon will be a vibrant part of town and offer more than 650 private accommodations and around 2.000 jobs within the professional field of culture.

Musicon wants to be:

  • A creative part of town that allows experiments
  • A pulsating part of town with activities day and night
  • An architecturally innovative part of town
  • A part of town based on principles from the creative economy
  • A part of town with past traces of a the concrete factory it used to be




Culture, business and education

Music, surprising situations and unseen constructions. Musicon is a new part of town in Roskilde and wants to be a hot spot for: Culture – Cultural business – Education

We want to turn Musicon into a place with a lot of inhabitants, workplaces in the cultural business, students and visitors. This is all going to unfold in a fruitful environment with stimulating people and places.

It is being created by the people who live and work in Musicon

We let creative entrepreneurs demonstrate their abilities to develop Musicon. We use Musicon as a laboratory and try out the good ideas in real life.

The realisation of Musicon is happening by:

  • The use of the existing industrial buildings
  • Temporary activities in the entire area
  • New buildings for cultural business, homes, schools, museums etc.