Might Mo Rogders touring this fall

Grammy nominated and “Blues song writer of the year 2012” Mighty Mo Rodgers is coming this way.

He will be touring Europe in September/October 2013.

“Mo Rodgers music is a breath of fresh air in the blues / R&B world… He combines sly social commentary with a great funky sound… I love his voice. He’s a welcome original.”
–Bonnie Raitt–

Rodgers also lectures on Blues
Mighty Mo Rodgers has lectured on the blues extensively
at universities and seminars. He brings to these encounters
the musicality of a world class performing artist with the rigorous
discipline of an academic scholar. Blues, for Mighty Mo is a deep
“teaching well”. In his own words he says what blues means to him:
” Blues comes from a place so deep, that even madness
cannot penetrate there. Blues is free there, and it makes sense
of the madness by changing what was so disfigured (slavery), into
something wonderfully transfigured…Blues. This wonderful sound is
more than music. It is what I call metaphysical music, with a power
that has taken it around the world. And there is a special reason for this.
Blues comes as a saving grace to deny (the lie) of our nothingness.
Its power is transcendental and in it you hear/feel the voices of millions
…long gone and forgotten.”

“I try and show through my lecture/performance that Blues is
magical. The only music; coming out of tragedy, resurrected by necessity
and sustained by love. Everyone responds to Blues because it is the real deal,
coming from the heart of a people, going to the hearts of the world.
You can go anywhere around the world, to any city, London, Paris, Rome, Moscow,
Berlin and on and on and you will hear Blues or its children, rhythm and blues,
rock and roll, etc. All countries have folk music, but blues is the only folk
music that has gone around the world. That’s the power of the blues.
Blues is the Holy Howl”.