Mezzoforte back on the road in October

Icelandic funk-legends returns to Denmark presenting their new release “Islands”

24 Oct. – V58, Aarhus, Denmark
25 Oct. – Fermaten, Herning Denmark
26 Oct. – Copenhagen Jazzhouse, Denmark

Most people know Mezzofortes smash hit Garden Party.

During the first year the Icelandic musicians played only copy music of their own idols: Chick Corea, Earth, Wind and Fire, George Duke and others. But soon the boys from the volcanic island discovered that they could also compose.

Their first album was released in 1979. In 1983 they had their international breakthrough with the song Garden Party, and since it went in quick succession for Mezzoforte. The orchestra expanded and had several singers, among other Noel Mccalla.

A short time they moved from volcanic to England to pursue their careers, but a few years after they returned to Iceland. Here they built their own studio in the late ’80s.

In total, Mezzoforte have produced and released 16 albums sold worldwide.