Cactus back together.

In the 70’s they were called “The American Led Zeppelin”. Tall words, indeed, but Cactus—Carmine Appice, Tim Bogert, Jim McCarty and the late Rusty Day (who died in 1982)—came out only months after their Brit counterparts, only to flame out brightly after four albums (Cactus, One Way…Or Another, ‘Ot ‘n’ Sweaty and Restrictions) before 1973 even started. Now, 33 years later, comes V their fifth album. The band that made such an impression with their loud blues-edged hard

rock madness…the band that influenced the likes of Van Halen, Monster Magnet, King’s X, Billy Sheehan, David Coverdale and Kid Rock. The band that foreshadowed heavy music itself came back in 2006 and in rare form. At that time Carmine, Timmy and Jim have ex-Savoy Brown lead singer Jimmy Kunes providing the lusty macho soul. His leather-lunged pipes atop this hot’n’nasty blues-metal machine made some quality Classic Rock.

In 2006 the band went to Europe to play the Sweden Rock Festival – Then in July of 2012 the band went to Poland for a festival and Germany for some fantastic shows . CACTUS played Germany over 40 years ago with Jimi Handrix – and on their 2012 tour, critics and fans alike could not believe that it was the LEGENDARY CACTUS they seeing on stage.

CACTUS 2012/2013 – the same line up as Cactus V, except Tim Bogert, who has retired from the
road because of health reasons and has been replaced by Pete Bremy.

We are proud to announce that the band will be coming back to Europe and be available for festivals during 2013

Line up:
Carmine Appice drums Vocals
Jim McCarty Guitar
Jimmy Kunes Vocals
Randy Pratt harmonics
Pete Bremy Bass-Vocals