Mendoza – Neto – Heredia (US)

A blast of funk, jazz, reggae, latin and soul that leaves the excited audience screaming for more.

A trio from L.A. An incredibly tight band with a unique sound, a funky soul-fusion with unbelievable grooves. All members of the band are from a Latin american background, cool guys with impressive resumes.

Marco Mendoza: Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake etc
Renato Neto: Prince, Sheila E
Joey Heredia: Elaine Paige, Tower of Power, Steve Lukather etc

These 3 gifted musicians makes an uplifting and completely enjoyable effort to knock your funky socks off. Their unique blend of “covers” and own material draws the listener in and holds him on the edge of his seat.

Their music is a mix of jazz/rock/funk/westcoast with a lot of covers (with a definite twist!) as well as their own material.

Straitjacket invites you out for an evening in town, filled with stimulating music and dance for the souls – get into the vibe!!

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The Beach Boys to Frederikshavn in November

When winter come Arena Nord in Frederikshavn open its doors for 3000 guests  for a Beach Party , where the legendary surfer boys , The Beach Boys , takes the audience to the Californian seaside promenades with palm trees, beach chairs and colored umbrella drinks . 

The organizers of the Arena Nord goes all in on the beach party that turns the season on its head. Before the concert , you can participate in this year’s most unconventional Christmas Parties Christmas on the Beach or Cool Hawaii. And when they gradually aging beach boys have given the last number the party continues for a true beach party .

In addition to founding Beach Boy Mike Love (lead vocals) and Beach Boy-vet Bruce Johnston (vocals/keyboards)–Christian Love (guitar/vocals), Randell Kirsch (bass/vocals), Tim Bonhomme (keyboards/vocals), John Cowsill of The Cowsills (percussion /vocals) and Scott Totten (guitar/vocals) round out the band.

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The Beach Boys to play Dalhalla

You can capsulize most pop music acts by reciting how many hits they’ve had and how many millions of albums they’ve sold.  But these conventional measurements fall short when you’re assessing the impact of The Beach Boys.  To be sure, this band has birthed a torrent of hit singles and sold albums by the tens of millions.  But its greater significance lies in the fact that it changed the musical landscape so profoundly that every pop act since has been in its debt. Læs videre “The Beach Boys to play Dalhalla”

Night of The Proms goes USA

Cactus back together.

In the 70’s they were called “The American Led Zeppelin”. Tall words, indeed, but Cactus—Carmine Appice, Tim Bogert, Jim McCarty and the late Rusty Day (who died in 1982)—came out only months after their Brit counterparts, only to flame out brightly after four albums (Cactus, One Way…Or Another, ‘Ot ‘n’ Sweaty and Restrictions) before 1973 even started. Now, 33 years later, comes V their fifth album. The band that made such an impression with their loud blues-edged hard Læs videre “Cactus back together.”

Michael Ruff Band

By public demand we have decided to put the beloved Michael Ruff Band back on the road

The tour will feature what you all know as the tightest rhythm section ever, Marco Mendoza and Joey Heredia.
Their unique and solid foundation of the band will be spiced up with guitar virtuoso Toshi Yanagi.
Toshi is beside a touring artist also in-house band member of the ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.
The set list will consist of mostly old and wellknown songs. Læs videre “Michael Ruff Band”

NOTP 2012 premiere in Antwerp

Night of the Proms 2012 premiered this weekend in Sportpaleis, Antwerp in Belgium.
It was a party from start to end! The Jacksons were phenomenal! Anastacia as we saw in Sweden high-scored, again with her ​​new single and sang a duet with John Miles. Naturally 7 with their unique talent for singing and goosebumps. Ozark Henry brought fire and passion, and his greatest hits and harpist Remy van Kesteren played the roof off in the Sportpaleis.